Amusement parks VS. Theme parks

How do you know what is a theme park or an amusement park? It is not just about being grammatically correct but knowing what to expect when you are making a plan to visit amusement parks and attractions which they offer in a theme park. You may end up going to a theme park when in reality you wanted the kind of things which are offered in an amusement park or vice versa. Due to the confusion and misinformation present in the market and the wrong usage of the words by many people you might get confused. You need to know exactly what they mean.

Amusement parks and attractions

Amusement parks were the first to be created. It may be hard to believe but they have been known to be in existence for as long as the sixteenth century. The simplest definition of an amusement park is that it is a place which has multiple rides and attractions setup to entertain and thrill people.

With the introduction of new rides and new attractions the simple definition of an amusement park has become much wider and in some cases even overlapping that of a theme park. With the coming of mechanised rides, boom in media and entertainment technology and heightened expectations of the people both amusement parks and attractions have become quite dynamic. There have been dramatic upgrades and innovative changes in the construction of amusement parks.

Theme Parks and illusions

Theme parks were made popular by the world’s most famous theme park, namely the Disney land. Some people even call it the very first theme park.

A theme park consists of different areas which have been given specific themes. They create illusions of alternate reality. With advancements in landscaping, music, construction and lighting these illusions have become breathtaking and increasingly realistic.

So now that you know what the fundamental difference is between theme parks and amusement parks, make sure you choose wisely the next time you decide to visit one.

theme parks

theme parks


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