Get back to nature with ecotourism

Ecotourism can be defined as the planned travel to natural areas and habitats to familiarise oneself with the history and working of the biosphere without causing any harm to the environment. Over five hundred million people travel around the world in search for nature’s beauty. Nature and the tourism industry greatly benefits from ecotourism and the people get to learn a lot.


Tourism is a major source of national income for many countries. Even for the world economy tourism contributes a huge share. What if we make sure that this booming industry becomes eco friendly? This will greatly help in saving the planet. Not only will tourism itself reduce wastage and pollution but what people learn on such tours will open their eyes and show them what we are missing. It will provide an incentive to people living in urban jungles of developed nations to realise the importance and experience first hand beauty of nature. Ecotourism spreads social awareness among the people which encourages them to follow more eco-friendly methods and activities when they return to their daily lives.

Other aspects

Eco-tourism does not only deal with the flora but also the fauna. Lions, tigers, elephants etc attract millions of tourists from all around the world. When people see the regal beauty of such creatures they become more aware about why we need to save them.

Ecotourism often also involves visiting tribal areas and getting to know their traditions, culture and ways of living. It is a real eye opener to see the ways of the tribal and understand how they can survive happily in perfect harmony with the nature around them. They get whatever they need right from sources of nature available around them and in no way add to the environmental degradation which so called cultured people are causing.




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