Lodging – a traveller’s priority

Tourism is a booming industry and there are many related industries which have an equal scope. Tours, holidays, vacations are what allow people to see the world to understand culture, geography and various other aspects of human life as well as have a great travel experience.

Another reason people go on trips is to get away from their monotonous lives, break away from their tensions and try to relax…

Lodging holds topmost priority for such travelers. Lodging, which mostly involves staying and eating, needs to be warm and welcoming. A lodge, or the place of stay, must create that calm atmosphere where the traveler feels at peace with himself. It must be a comfortable stay for people but at the same time it must not be expensive.

Types of lodging

Motels – These could include family-sized rooms to luxury suites. They can have attractions like whirlpool baths, outdoor hot tubs, Jacuzzis, etc. Luxury suites could have a full fledged kitchen, large screen TVs, game rooms, etc

Bed and Breakfast inns – Here travelers are pampered with lavish breakfasts from various cuisines

Cabins and Chalets – Cabins can be located within the city, at the outskirts of the city or at isolated foothills. Cabins can accommodate larger crowds thus making it apt for church outings, corporate picnics, family get-togethers as well as get-aways.

Resorts – Resorts are an all-in-1 facility which takes care of a traveller’s housing, dining, shopping, entertainment, sports and recreational requirements. It is a place which has something for everyone.

Rented condos – Travellers can rent expensive condos which provide high style of living experience for a short duration. Travellers can indulge in these condos to get a taste of a life which is otherwise unaffordable by them. Although a tad expensive, it is an opportunity of ‘relaxation’ at a different level.




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