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While looking for car rental online, there are a number of things you need to know prior to making your booking. Car rental portals are the best ways to look for and compare the costs of different car rental providers. Based on what is included in the cost, the rates of car rental providers may vary.

Considerations while opting for car rentals

Consider what is included

While you are looking for car rental online, you must look for inclusions in the cost. While the cost usually differs from one provider to the other, basic rates include tax and insurance.

Look for extras

It is also important to look for extra features offered by car rental providers such as –

Airport fees –

This fee is also called as premium location fee. If you want to pick up a rental car from the airport, you will have to pay extra charges. The airport fee usually varies based on the location and supplier.

Vehicle licensing fee

This fee is imposed by the Government for partially recovering the registration costs.

Young driver surcharge –

The young driver surcharge is mostly charged when the driver is below 25 years of age.

Additional driver fees –

If you intend to have 2 drivers for your rented car, you will need to pay additional charges.

Extra tools –

Things such as ski racks, child seats and snow chains can be purchased after paying additional charges.

Excess reduction –

Each car that you rent comes with an Insurance Excess. So, in case you end up damaging the vehicle, you will be liable to pay this amount. This is when optional excess reduction minimises the cost that you need to pay in case of any damages caused.

Considering these things, you can easily go with the best car rental service provider.

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car rental


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