3 Reasons to Choose Gondolas for a Microwedding in San Diego, California

by | Jun 2, 2022 | Boat Rental Service

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A couple may opt to have a microwedding for several reasons, whether it’s limited finances, COVID concerns, or the simple desire to avoid unnecessary wedding stress. Whatever the reason is, one huge advantage of having a microwedding over a traditional ceremony is the greater degree of freedom. A smaller guest list usually means more room in the budget and fewer scheduling conflicts, so there tend to be more options available when it comes to selecting a venue. Here are three reasons why gondolas make the perfect setting for microweddings in San Diego, CA.

1. It’s Outdoors

In sunny Southern California, having an outdoor wedding is simply a must. Also, microweddings in San Diego, CA featuring gondolas works for both daytime and evening weddings. Guests who don’t feel comfortable stepping into a boat can still have a nice time by the water enjoying the fair weather.

2. It Looks Great in Pictures

There’s a reason why couples are willing to spend serious money on a good photographer, microwedding or not. Wedding photos are tangible souvenirs of the most important day of one’s life, so it makes sense to invest a lot of effort into making those photos as beautiful as possible. One of the easiest ways to do that is to host the wedding in a dramatic, dynamic setting.

3. It’s Memorable

Most people have attended an outdoor wedding. The same can’t be said for an outdoor gondola wedding. Thanks to their association with Venice, people tend to view gondolas as romantic and intimate. For couples who want something truly unique, a wedding featuring gondola rides will be an experience their guests will cherish and remember for years to come.