Duck Hunting Guides in Arkansas Offer Tips for Better Calls

by | Dec 11, 2012 | Travel and Tourism

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Do you feel like your duck calling skills could use some work? Or are you a beginning duck hunter trying to learn how to do effective duck calls? If so, here are some tips from expert duck hunting guides in Arkansas that you can use for better calls.

Know When to Call
The first rule of successful and effective duck calling is to know when to call. There’s no need to use your duck call if the ducks are flying in at the time. The time to use your duck call is when there aren’t any ducks in sight. Your duck call will help shake them up and get them in the air so you have a chance of shooting them.

Mix the Whistle and Mallard Call Sounds
One way to get the ducks moving around is to use different sounds. Your mallard call works great in conjunction with your whistle. If you brought a little hunter with you, have them blow the whistle while you use the mallard call. This will make them feel like they helped bring the ducks in.

Start High
When using your duck calls, your duck hunting guides in Arkansas suggest that you start at the top of the scale and work your way down to the lower register. Move down the scale smoothly to give your call a more natural sound that will be more likely to attract the ducks to your area.

Use a Species-Specific Call
One duck call does not attract all types of ducks. If you’re trying to attract mallards, you’re not going to do so with a call designed for bluewing ducks. If you’re hunting for a particular species, be sure to use a call that is designed with that species in mind. Otherwise, you aren’t going to be as successful as you could be.

Team Calling
If you are with several hunters on your excursion, it’s important that everybody does not try to call the ducks at once. You should have one leader of the team that is responsible for calling the ducks. The others can fill in when needed so you don’t make the mistake of competing against each other and scaring the ducks away.

Don’t Be Afraid to Change
If what you’re doing isn’t working, don’t be afraid to switch things up. Duck calling isn’t an exact science so you may need to work on different techniques that work in different situations.

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