Experience the Amazing TILT Effect of the Observation Deck in Chicago

by | Jan 25, 2021 | Travel and Tourism

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When it’s time to step out of your house and explore the world again, head to Chicago. The observation deck in downtown Chicago located in the Hancock building is one of Chicago’s most famous tourist attractions. In recent years, it has added another feature to its already wildly popular 360-degree Chicago views. It’s called “the TILT”. Here’s what you need to know and why you simply must try the TILT.

Nothing to Be Afraid Of

It’s described as a “thrill ride” and some people who are afraid of heights might find it scary. However, this feature of the attraction is not really scary at all. You stand on a platform and hold onto vertical grab bars so that you don’t touch the window glass in front of you. (Nobody likes cleaning windows 1,030 feet in the air!) A button is pushed, and you tilt forward at a 30-degree angle. This is really minor considering that a 90-degree angle would put you on your chest and stomach perpendicular to the building and parallel to the ground thousands of feet below. The result is an incredible view of Chicago like no other. It lasts just a few seconds, shorter than a ride in most rollercoasters.

Why You Have to Try the TILT

There’s nothing else like it in the Midwest or anywhere in the U.S. For an extra $8 per ticket to ride up to the observation deck in downtown Chicago, it’s a bonus feature that makes looking around Chicago really unforgettable. Buy your tickets today via website.