Importance of Duck Hunting Guides

by | Feb 11, 2014 | Travel

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In the autumn and winter duck season is on. This is the time when the ducks and the geese are flying to places where the temperatures are warmer so they can feed. They have finished with the business of raising their young. The hunting season runs from October clear through January. If you have not been duck hunting before you will definitely need to locate good duck hunting guides to assist you. They know plenty about the flight of waterfowl and will tell you that they follow 4 main flyways. These are the central, Atlantic, pacific and Mississippi flyways.

You need to prepare beforehand to ensure that you have all that you require for the hunt. Good duck hunting guides will be happy to give you a list of what you will need to bring with you. Some of the things in your list will include a shotgun and some ammunition to go with it. Decoys, some goose of duck calls, a hunting blind and a boat. The blind is for you to hide behind while the decoy will act as a lure to the bird so that it can come within shooting range. Once you see a duck you can begin calling to it with your duck call until it comes close then you can quickly get up from behind the blind and shoot it. You don’t want to frighten the bird before it gets close enough to shoot.

You will need to understand that waterfowl have very sharp sight and even see in color. This is why you will need to have your camouflage on. They can be found near ponds, rivers and lakes as well as in fields that have grains growing such as barley, millet, corn or wheat. You can hunt on warm, rainy or cloudy days depending on your hunting setting. However, it is common knowledge that ducks will fly more actively on snow, rain or cloudy days.

Many duck hunting guides will also advise that you use a dog to retrieve your bird from the water after you have shot it down. There are several breeds of dog that you can choose from when it comes to breeding a dog for your hunting expeditions. Some of the retriever breeds recommended include the Chesapeake Bay and Labrador retrievers. Your guide should be able to help you with cleaning your bird and put it away in a refrigerator or cooler for you.

Duck hunting guides are available to help you with your hunting fun. They know the flyways, the equipment needed and are at your service ready to assist.