Seeing New York City in Under 30 Minutes on a Helicopter Tour

by | Jan 10, 2014 | Travel and Tourism

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New York City is so large, that it is impossible to walk around it all in a single day. There is so much to see in terms of shops, landmarks, and even architecture that you will be missing out if you can’t find a way to experience it all quickly and affordably. Helicopter tours are a great way to see everything that the city has to offer, and you can do it all in less than 30 minutes!

Why Choose To Fly Over Walking and Sailing

Flying is quite possibly one of the best ways to experience New York City. You can avoid all the hustle and bustle of the busy streets, while seeing more than you ever thought possible. Take to the skies and view the wonders that this city has to offer by taking a helicopter tour from a reputable company in the area. From the Empire State Building to the Statue of Liberty and even the Financial District, you will have a brilliant clear view from the sky. The possibilities are endless.

Luxury Helicopter Tours

If you want to experience the true wonders of New York City, then you should make sure you book a luxury helicopter tour in NYC that can give you the phenomenal experiences that you want while you are in the area. These tours will give you a bird’s eye view of the city from thousands of feet in the air. A luxury tour will give you the best experience possible. You will be given a personal pilot, and all of the equipment that you will need to talk to your friends and family on the aircraft. Some companies even allow you to take your own cameras and recording equipment, so you can record your flight as you soar over the skies. Helicopter tours are generally 30 minutes in length, so you will definitely have time to fit a tour into your busy schedule. These tours are affordable enough that people on all types of budgets can afford them, and they are the best way to see NYC.

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