Sixteen Parties That Require a Special Event Venue

by | Sep 19, 2018 | Vacation

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While the wedding industry is a billion dollar year money making a machine, there are plenty of other types of events that seek out special event venues. Weddings will most likely always be the majority of the booking, but that isn’t to say there are not other ways to advertise as well.

Sixteen parties that may book your venue space

1. Birthday Parties: Many people search for a venue to house larger or milestone birthday parties. People celebrating quinceaneras, sweet sixteens, or even over-the-hill parties will often need a large space for their parties and will book a special event venue.
2. Anniversaries: A big anniversary like a 25th or even a 50th will require a larger celebration.
3. Baby Showers: Babies are born every day, and a lot of those mothers-to-be have large gift-giving baby showers.
4. Wedding Showers: We are dipping back into the wedding industry with this one, but it is still an event that is not a wedding.
5. High School Reunions: People love to visit that little bit of high school nostalgia, and a special event venue is just the place to meet up with old friends.
6. Sports Banquets: Most little league sports have an end of season celebration where trophies are awarded.
7. Prom: High schools often have their prom celebrations off-site, and a space that is large enough to offer a dance floor is ideal for prom.
8. Charity Events: Booking a charity event is a great way to give back to the community, and if you offer your special event venue at a discount, it is tax deductible.
9. Rehearsal Dinners: Heading back into the wedding industry again, but the rehearsal dinner is usually done at a venue that is separate from the wedding itself.
10. Fashion Shows: New fashion designers or even charity fashion shows are becoming a regular thing, even outside of the bigger cities.
11. Pet Adoption Event: Help find homes for furry friends by letting a shelter use your event venue to have an adoption drive.
12. Vintage Market: Book a large vintage or flea market within your event space for a lot of foot traffic which could turn into another form of advertising for your space.
13. Bar/Bat Mitzvah: If you have a large Jewish population in your area, this coming of age party could be a great stream of income for your special event venue.
14. Expos: Like the vintage market, an expo will bring a lot of foot traffic to your venue which is getting free advertising.
15. Holiday Parties: The Christmas season is full of party opportunities from the local businesses.
16. Family Reunions: Larger families need a bigger special event venue to be able to get everyone under the same roof for the reunion.

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