Take Summer Camp to the Next Level with an Adventure Camp

Do you have a son that is new to camping but highly adventurous? What about a veteran camper who is looking for something more than the traditional camp activities?  If you can answer “yes” to either of those questions, you should consider sending your son to an adventure camp for the summer. An adventure camp is a type of summer camp that offers activities that are a bit more intense than the traditional summer camp activities like swimming or hiking. At an adventure camp your son may find activities like a ropes course complete with a zip like or wilderness canoe trips that can last for weeks.

What Parents Should Know about Adventure Camps

On the surface, an adventure camp will be very similar to a traditional summer camp that most people think of when they think of camping. You will generally find the same types of activities like swimming and crafts, but at the same time, the camp will offer more intense activities.

The camp may last for a month, for example. In the first two weeks, you son may be learning to perfect their swimming skills while learning the art of steering a canoe through rapids and the science of living out in nature. In the next week, he may be sent on one of several wilderness canoe trips that meet his skill levels.

Parents should know that adventure camps, though your son will certainly experience thrills and excitement, stick to the highest standards when it comes to safety. They will never put your son into a situation where he won’t have the skills to handle and they will always ensure that safety is the top priority with any activity that he may pursue. You should feel confident that your son will be as safe as possible when you send him off to any adventure camp.

How to Find an Adventure Camp?

There are many wonderful adventure camps in the US. The best places to look are in the northeast, for instance in New York or even into Canada. This is where nature and the wilderness are ideal for an adventure camping experience. There are hundreds of waterways which are perfect for wilderness canoe trips and camps that have historical roots. If you know someone who has ever been to summer camp or someone who has sent their son to camp, ask where they went, if they liked it and if it was adventurous. Another option that you have is to look online to find highly praised and reviewed adventure summer camps for boys.

Whatever you choose, you should know that your son will have an amazing experience at summer camp that will help him to grow into a better person through leadership, self-esteem and teamwork.

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Author: Addison Cooper

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