The Fascinating Experience of a Serengeti Safari

by | Feb 25, 2014 | Travel

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Africa has a lot of wonders to show its visitors, and a safari tour is a great way to see them all while having the comfort of your own personal guide. The word Safari actually comes from the Swahili term, meaning travel. Serengeti comes from the community language, meaning the land that runs forever. This is because one third of Serengeti consists of flat grassy plains, making it home to a variety of wild animals and flowers. Many people are put off on the idea of an African safari because they dislike the idea of climbing and travelling on harsh terrains. The great thing about a Serengeti tour is that the tour is mainly on flat ground. This gives people a chance to experience what Africa has to offer, without over exerting themselves.

The Best Times to Visit

The best time to go on a Serengeti safari tour would be in either May or October. This is because many animals come out at this time of year, so you will have an opportunity to see more. There is nothing more impressive than seeing wildebeests, impalas, warthogs, and other exotic animals roaming free in their natural habitat. You may also see cheetahs, lions, and their cubs. Another benefit of going during these months is that you will get to see the great migration of the wildebeests. This is a fascinating sight, and people come from all over the world to experience it. They migrate from the Mara to the Serengeti, by wading through the river Mara.

Seeing the Sights with a Tour Guide

You will see the animals up very close on your guided tour. A guided tour is one of the best ways to get close to the animals you love. Although you won’t be able to get as close as you would in a local zoo, you can certainly feel the thrill as the wildebeests graze a little less than a hundred feet away from you. There are no barriers, cages, or perimeters, so the experience is quite amazing. Your guides will make sure you are kept safe at all times. They will also show you points of interest in the area, and the natural vegetation that is present.

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