Things that Make a Travel Agency Super

by | Jun 15, 2015 | Travel

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How can you differentiate between a good travel agency and a bad one? This was the question that once drove me crazy because almost every travel agency in Longwood promised to provide great customer service and value. It took me a little time to find out the traits of extraordinary travel agencies and I will explain to you what things make a travel agency great and worth going for.

24/7 Availability

A good travel agency will never neglect you and will be available to offer service anytime of the day. a responsible travel agency in Longwood will make their travel agents available 24/7 so that their guests are entertained. There are times when you need to make changes to your plans for the next day and you need to call the agent to inform them. However, if the travel agent isn’t picking up, your entire day’s plan will suffer.

Constant Communication

A good travel agency in Longwood will ensure that their guests are happy and satisfied with every service by staying in constant contact with them. They will ask the guests about their arrival, hotel stay, traveling, tours, and travel guides. They will also ask the guests if they are satisfied and enjoying or not. They will also keep their guests updated with changing plans and itinerary.

Friendly Service

The thing that I liked about Great Escapes Travel was that they made their agents available at all times. They offered great customer service by greeting me at my arrival at the location and the hotel. They also contacted me to ask me about any changes that I wanted in the schedule. That’s the kind of service you need from a travel agency. So, make sure the travel agency you choose has friendly agents.

Flexible Payment Plan

The travel agencies that ask for a full payment upfront seem extremely fishy to me. I always suggest others to pick an agency that has flexible payment plans. It is safer to give half of the payment on the service confirmation and the rest of it on the last day of the trip. A good travel agency will worry more about your experience than getting the complete payment in advance

Willing to Serve

Travel agencies that offer flexible services are extremely hard to find. However, a good travel agency is the one that is willing to offer service to its guests. Such an agency is also willing to change the schedule and timings on the guests’ desire.

Great Escapes Travel is a travel agency that I chose for my recent trip. They were absolutely fuss-free and provided excellent customer service that made my entire vacation more relaxed. For more information, follow them on Google+.