Unusual wedding ideas to set your special day apart

by | Mar 27, 2014 | Travel

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While it is common for people to desire a traditional church wedding, many people are becoming increasingly interested in enjoying an unusual and unique wedding that is in stark contrast to the modest and demure church wedding. When you are planning for a wedding, the venue and location is probably the single most important component that you need to carefully choose. Weddings are a lengthy affair that usually last most of the day and do not simply comprise the actual moment where the wedding vows exchanged. Guests will want to mingle and socialise with each other both before and after the actual wedding ceremony, and it is best if you find a unique and scenic location where this experience can be enhanced. If you do want to have an unusual wedding, there are a number of options available in front of you. While you may want to choose to host your wedding abroad in an entirely unique climate, this can be logistically difficult due to the fact that all of your guests will have to fly abroad too, something that is very rarely possible. You may want to find a unique environment closer to home such as looking for wedding boats of London – this way you can still benefit from the change in environment yet all of your guests will be able to attend easily.

Look to personalise your venue

If you do look for wedding boats in London, there is obviously nothing you can do about the size and character of the boat itself. However, what you can do is choose the ornamentation and decoration that can adorn the interior of the boat. This will mean that you are able to imprint your own unique personality on the day to ensure it is exactly as you envisioned it.

Implement a unique theme

Whereas many weddings will implement a conventional tuxedo theme, you may want to break the mould and ask guests to dress according to another unique theme. It is entirely up to you what theme you choose to implement – having an unusual and unorthodox dress theme is something that can instantly influence and enhance the atmosphere and aura at your wedding for the better.

Weddings should be memorable and exciting occasions – Thames Executive Charters are an excellent company offering wedding boats in London.