What is a Serviced Apartment

by | Nov 20, 2017 | Travel

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Anyone who has ever spent a lot of time traveling knows the importance of comfortable accommodations. What they might not know about are the benefits of staying in a serviced apartment. Serviced apartments in Nairobi are much the same as anywhere else. Continue reading to learn more about what they are and how they differ from other accommodations.

What They Are

By definition a serviced apartment is one that can be used for long term or short term stay, and typically comes furnished with amenities the occupant is welcome to use. Serviced apartments in Nairobi come in many sizes from a single occupancy to several bedrooms, and include many of the things guests may need for daily life. This type of apartment is meant to be used as a home away from home meaning that unlike some hotel rooms they include many things that allow you to live as you would normally. These include a kitchen area and extra rooms to use as you need, along with setup for internet or cable. The space and privacy are yours to enjoy completely while you are there as your home away from home, and not just the room you happen to be staying in.

The Benefits to You

Along with the ability to cook your own meals in the apartment kitchen, a service apartment has other aspects you may find beneficial. Because they are available for both long and short term stays you may find the price and payment method more convenient than the night by night range typical of most hotels. It is also possible to book as a group and share the cost with several people.

Other features you may like include the amenities. Many complexes offer things such as the use of a gym or spa, laundry facilities, convenient location to places such as a conference center, and easily accessible on site restaurants should you want to dine out. When looking at an apartment it’s a good idea to ask what the complex has to offer in addition to the living space.

Now that you know what a service apartment is and why you may want to stay in one, you’ll know what to look for when looking at serviced apartments in Nairobi. When choosing your accommodations think about your stay length, how you intend to spend your time, and what amenities you hope your living accommodations will feature. Remember, if you have any questions about the apartment you’re looking at, a friendly professional can help.