What to Know About Inca Trail Hiking Tours Before Booking

by | Apr 9, 2018 | Tour Agency

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There are a few ways to reach the famous and inspiring site known as Machu Picchu, and it is more accessible than many realize. However, if you are eager to experience the landscape and savor the scenery, you will want to consider booking one of the different Inca trail hiking tours.

Easily one of the most famous treks in all of South America (and even around the globe), it is quite short in the total distance at roughly 26 miles in total length. It is the blend of mountain, jungle and ancient Incan scenery that makes it so amazing and unforgettable. The destination for all Inca trail hiking tours is Machu Picchu, with the goal being to arrive at sunset or enable hikers to experience the site at that stunning hour.

Before booking any of the Inca trail hiking tours, it is important to know a bit about it. For one thing, the trail itself is not the only ancient Incan trail. It is part of a network of more than 40k kilometers of trails that spread over what was once the Incan empire. When you say you are hiking the Inca Trail, it is often the section of mountain trail that connects specific sites such as Runcuracay, Phuyupatamarca, Sayamarca and Machu Picchu.

Though many people wish to trek it, access is kept closely controlled, and only a few hundred passes are provided each year. These are obtained through licensed guides, and always a few months ahead of your actual hike. This may sound like a problem, but there are very reputable groups that can take hikers along these unforgettable trails, keeping them supplied with all they need and ensuring they safely reach the ancient city.

You will be climbing some difficult terrain when taking any of the Inca trail hiking tours and must be in good physical shape. That is not to say you must be a marathon runner or athlete, but you should be able to climb steep trails and cover at least six miles or more during a day of hiking. In other words, a reasonably fit person can easily manage it!

If you are eager to see Machu Picchu, but you also wish for a more in-depth experience of the region; taking in other historical sites along the way, consider hiking the Incan Trail with expert guides.