Why Everyone in Florida Now Wants to Have a Waterfront Lifestyle

by | Oct 1, 2019 | Yacht Club

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Waterfront properties are the trendiest types of properties in Florida right now. Anyone who has a passion for boating should look into the benefits of pursuing a waterfront lifestyle. Not only do these modern luxury properties feature an abundance of traditional amenities commonly offered by luxury builders, but they also include special features that only intracoastal living in Palm Coast can afford.

On most luxury properties today, residents will likely find an assortment of resort-like amenities that make daily life a breeze. For instance, many luxury properties now feature a clubhouse. These clubhouses are typically outfitted with an extensive and well-appointed interior containing a kitchen and areas designed for casual recreational activities.

Other properties also offer their residents an abundance of features that are specifically designed to increase their fitness. For instance, most luxury properties now feature a resort-like pool area that allows for residents to escape the hustle and bustle of their everyday lives with ease. Some have even been known to include high-end amenities like tennis courts to increase the pleasure residents derive from their daily lives.

There are also commonly found an assortment of features that make life far more enjoyable in the long run. For instance, it is rather common for modern luxury communities to feature a gated entryway that maximizes the safety and security of the entire community. Some of the most luxurious communities even offer their residents access to a marina in which they may house their boats year-round.

While all of these features are quite impressive in their own right, none top the most astounding feature of all, a dry storage facility designed to house boats. Along with providing their residents with access to dry storage to protect their boats from the elements, these luxury properties are now even providing their residents with access to a boat valet. As you can imagine, intracoastal living in Palm Coast is now helping residents of Florida enjoy their luxurious lifestyles to the absolute fullest.

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