4 Rules to Follow on a Luxury Yacht

There are easy rules for improving your yachting adventure, even before you step foot on the boat. Read on for a few essential reminders on how to behave while on your sailing vacation.

Your Home on the Water
You should treat your cabin—and boat—as your home. That means you need to be careful when you use the furniture or how you treat the space. Be mindful of tracking dirt inside the room, leaving wet towels on wooden furniture, and the like. Be considerate of the next guest by ensuring you don’t leave the room or space a sty or pigsty. Don’t make it harder for the crew to do their jobs. Clean up.

Take Your Shoes Off
Yachts often implement a ‘no shoes’ policy, says the Tatler. Forget about bringing along your high heels too since they can scratch and ruin the teak decking. On the other hand, black soles can leave behind ugly scuff marks on the floor. So prepare to spend a lot of your time barefoot. Some yachts provide slippers or allow passengers to wear socks, especially when the weather turns cold at night.

Treat Your Crew with Respect
For a lot of repeat customers, choosing among the many luxury yacht rentals offering BVI tours is easy. That is, they choose one based on the crews they love. So try to make the most out of your relationship with the crew. Don’t treat them like your personal servants. They aren’t. And remember to give them enough time to sleep. Yes, you can party as late as you can. And stay in bed as much as you want the next morning. But remember that your crew has to wake up and work by 5 a.m. So either keep it down or keep it going in your cabin so it won’t disturb the rest of the crew. Sound carries easily in the water so tone down your voices or your music.

Some yachts offer indoor rooms for smoking but you’ll generally find yachts designating deck spaces that can be used for smoking. If you’ve got a smoker in the group, then make sure you ask about permissible smoking areas on board before your friend heads out to deck for a cigarette break.
These are just some of the rules to follow on board. It’s a small price to pay for all the fun you’ll have. So what are you waiting for? Look around for great luxury yacht rentals until you find the best one for you.

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    Author: Addison Cooper

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