Five Things to Do in Rocky Mountain National Park

by | Mar 7, 2016 | Travel

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Rocky Mountain National Park in Colorado hosts over 415 square miles of sublime scenery, filled with mountains, forests, glaciers and rivers. While the views alone are enough of a reason to visit the park, there are plenty of other Rocky Mountain National Park attractions to explore that offer a range of activities for the whole family. Here are just five of some of the best things to do in the park:

1. Hiking

There are over 350 miles of hiking trails in the park. There are trails for all levels of hikers, from flat, low-intensity foot paths for evening strolls, to rigorous mountain climbing trails. Most trails are marked, but, to be safe, check with local park rangers who can give you adequate directions and advice on the best trails to take for your skill level.

2. Camping

For those who love the outdoors, there’s nothing like spending the night in nature. Among the many Rocky Mountain National Park attractions, back country camping is one of the more exciting. With the proper permits, you can set up camp throughout the park. Wake up at the lakeside to stunning mountain views, or listen to the sounds of the wild in a peaceful wooded area. For the less adventurous, there are also designated public camp sites a little closer to civilization.

3. Picnicking

Experience the true meaning of outdoor dining by setting up a picnic to remember in one of the park’s many picnic areas. Just remember, don’t feed the animals; they are wild, and feeding them could lead to adverse effects on the ecological balance.

4. Bird and Wildlife Watching

Rocky Mountain National Park offers great opportunities to see rare and impressive wildlife in their natural habitat. The park is home to hundreds of species of wildlife, including deer, elk and over 230 different bird species. For the avid wildlife enthusiast, Rocky Mountain National Park is a must-see.

5. Scenic Driving Tours

For those who prefer to enjoy nature from the comfort of the car, Rocky Mountain National Park has a number of scenic roadways throughout the park. Some roads reach elevations of over 12,000 feet, wrapping in and out between mountaintops. To get the full breadth of the natural beauty of the park, spend a day driving through the park. You’ll get a sense of just how vast the park really is.

When you visit, you will discover that there is nearly an endless amount of Rocky Mountain National Park attractions to choose from. Whatever your favorite outdoor activity is, there’s no better setting than Rocky Mountain National Park.