Get Fit and See the Sights On a Paddleboard in Naples, FL

by | Sep 22, 2016 | Travel

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Florida is the perfect destination for water sports lovers with its abundant sunshine, miles of beaches and warm temperatures. Of all of the sports, people choose from, few have had the increase in popularity as Paddleboard in Naples FL. Standup paddle boarding is an attention-getting activity that is a mix between kayaking and surfing and its uniqueness has encouraged many to learn more about this unique sport.

Standup paddle boarding is an adaptable activity for people of nearly any fitness level. How strenuous it is will depend on where it is performed and how active the participant is with their paddling. Many experienced paddle boarders prefer ocean waves and a rigorous workout. Calmer waters make it easy for the beginning individual to take their time and enjoy the scenery while learning how to control the board.

With a paddle board, the participant can travel alone, in couples or in groups. This is a wonderful family activity that will pull kids and teens away from their electronic devices and out into nature. Paddleboard in Naples FL is a great way to drift along the rivers and see more of the area and its beautiful wildlife. Locations like Extreme Family Fun Spot offer short term rentals as well as daily or weekly rentals that make it easy to enjoy the activity every day.

Anyone that has not attempted stand up paddle boarding may worry that it is too difficult to master. This is generally untrue and most people become used to the movement of the board easily. Standing boards are wide enough to allow sunbathing and yoga to take place on their surface and their width also provides much more stability than people expect. The paddles make it easy to cruise along quickly and sitting down on the board provides a quick rest period.

Every vacation should be about trying something new or mastering a new activity. Consider trying paddle boarding this year. Even though it is fun for families and very relaxing many people are adopting this as their new workout routine. Even casual paddle boarding burns almost 400 calories and hour and an hour of strenuous activity on a paddle board will burn over 1,000 calories. Try it out and see how easy and exciting it really is.