How to Plan the Perfect Vancouver Getaway

Are you planning a trip to Vancouver? This part of Canada is one of the most visited – and most exciting – of the entire nation. Ready to make the most of your visit to British Columbia? Here are some tips for making it memorable: Know What There is to Do Before you leave for your trip or even book your accommodations, be sure to do your homework on what there is to do at your destination and in the nearby area. Many websites...

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Know Your BC Ferry Cost: Vancouver To Victoria Ferry Price

Ferries are the most common mode of transportation for those who commit to a trip from Vancouver to Victoria. The ferry price depends upon several variables. Making sure, you get it right the first time is essential if you plan to budget for the entire scope of the trip to Vancouver Island and British Columbia’s capital city. Choice of Ferries and Arrival Points in Victoria Various ferries serve the Vancouver to Victoria route...

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Awesome Destinations for Kids in Victoria

Are you planning a family trip to Victoria, BC? After you’ve made a reservation on a passenger ferry from Vancouver to Victoria, you’ll want to find some child-friendly options for recreation. The good news is that the city isn’t lacking in options. The city is delightful and the sights will make for a trip to remember. We’ve compiled a list of a few places you might want to look up when you get into town. Fisherman’s Wharf When you...

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