Coming to New York for business or pleasure?

by | Jan 2, 2014 | Travel

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New York City is not only America’s primary hub for business, commerce and finance; it is a vacation spot par excellence. If Broadway plays excite you, or professional sports, then it is all here in NYC. Baseball, Football, Basketball and Hockey are played here against a backdrop of some of the most fervent fans in the world. For anyone who has sat in Yankee Stadium with 55,000 other fans cheering on the Yankees when they play at home against the Red Sox, you will know what it is like to be a real sports nut.

If the purpose of your visit is to conduct business then there is no better place. Manhattan is the home of some of the world’s largest corporations, the financial district, the United Nations and hundreds of other diverse enterprises. The city lives and eats commerce; the garment district running between fifth and ninth avenues is the center of garment manufacturing as well as the home of the countries or even the world’s leading designers. It is truly amazing how this district can drive global fashion; it is less than one square mile in size.

Many visitors to the city as well as corporate executives get around by moving from place to place in a New York City helicopter. Sure, it sounds exciting and it is, but with so much traffic and so much to see, there is no better way than to take to the air. If you arrive at one of the cities three major airports you have a number of options to get into Midtown; the bus, subway, cab, limo and shuttle. All of these methods of transport are ground based and other than the subway, are at the mercy of the downtown traffic. If you need to get into the city, have a meeting and get back to the airport about the only way you can do it on the same day is if you take a New York City helicopter in from the airport and back again. You can comfortably cut a two hour drive into a ten minute ride.

As a tourist you will never forget how magnificent The Statue of Liberty looks from only a few feet away and right at head level, the same when you sweep up the length of Central Park, from the air you can see why New Yorkers love their park. Visit us online for more details Website.