European River Cruises-Combining Beauty, History, and Cuisine

European river cruises comprise far more than a journey across boundless expanses of water. In fact, these river cruises involve more off-sea activity than most others. As you travel upon the serene waters of the blue Danube, the Rhine, and the Rhone River, you become enveloped in a multifaceted traveling experience. Generally speaking, European cruises are replete with majestic sightseeing opportunities, and tours of historically rich and delightful small villages.

One of the greatest challenges plaguing travelers is selecting the right itinerary for their European river cruises. With countless historical treasures, villas, cafes, castles and natural wonders sprinkled throughout Europe, this can be a relatively difficult decision.

The cost is all-encompassing and will include many of your sightseeing opportunities. While some tours are relatively basic, you may choose to embark among more in-depth tours for an additional fee.

The Rhine River

The Rhine River is hailed by many as the pinnacle of all European cruises. This river flows placidly along the lines of the development and the growth of civilization. The Rhine River cruise is ideal for anyone who is intrigued by cultural expansion and history. As you sail through the Rhine River, you will satiate your visual senses with vivid scenery, and castles reminiscent of the most ethereal fairytale. On this tour, you will learn more about the history of Germany than you ever thought possible.

The Rhine extends from Amsterdam through France and Germany. Therefore, as you sail this river, you will experience the history of three countries. The Rhine also serves as an entryway for waters from the Moselle and from the Main River. It even connects to the Main Danube Canal.

So, what sort of historical sites can you expect to see on this European cruise? You should expect to see the Gothic Cathedral in Strasbourg, Germany. Yu may even choose to dine in cellars as you consume French choucroute in ungodly portions.

Danube Cruise

The Danube River was once glorified by the Classical composer Debussy in one of the most notable classic music pieces ever composed. This river is a historically rich area that can enliven and educate you at the same time. The Danube cruise offers an intriguing lens into the history of Europe, along with access to fascinating sites.

The Danube is an extensive body of water, transporting you from the Black Forest of Germany to Romania and various other countries, including Croatia and Hungary.


This particular river cruise is perfect for both wine and French connoisseurs alike. If you enjoy the taste of infallibly aged wines with a decadent French twist, then the Rhone river tour is for you. As you sail past acres of vineyards, you will have the exquisite opportunity to taste the exotic wonders of local grapes. If you are interested in this cruise, or any other cruise, book your trip with Great Escapes Travel.

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    Author: Addison Cooper

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