Finding Cheap Flights to Singapore

by | Aug 20, 2018 | Travel Agency

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Traveling across the ocean is usually not cheap. However, you should be able to find cheap flights to Singapore with a little research.

When looking for cheap flights to Singapore make sure you run an internet search. A direct internet search will sometimes provide you with the best fare over websites which aggregate data.

Next, when searching for cheap flights to Singapore, check around for departures at airports near you but not necessarily the closest airport. Departing from another airport could save you a lot of money.

Always be flexible with your dates. Most people purchase tickets by entering their departing date and return date and then buy the ticket. To get the best price, try departing and returning mid-week. Many times, these dates will be lower cost than departing on a Friday or Saturday.

Usually, the best time of year to fly is January through mid-May and September through early December. The most expensive time to fly is during the summer and Christmas and New Year’s holidays.

If possible, book your flight way at least three months in advance. That will provide you with a lower ticket price than booking several weeks in advance. Last minute ticket purchases will usually be less expensive than buying a month in advance.

Once you find a great fare, it is best to go ahead and book it. Many advertised fares do not last long. They will either sell out or remove the sale completely.

When performing an internet search try booking the ticket using the airline’s website. Sometimes their website may have cheap flights to Singapore.

And last, clear your cookies on your computer before checking a website for fares. Cookies are used to track your activity, and many websites are designed to inch up the prices in order to get you to buy now before the ticket becomes too expensive.