How Using Helicopter NYC Airport Transfers Can Save You Money

by | Jun 30, 2014 | Travel and Tourism

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NYC can be a tricky place to move around, which is understood by those who live and visit New York. However, most people don’t think about airport transfers, which can also be extremely tricky and difficult to handle. It is no secret that airports in New York connect flights from all three of the major airports in NYC, including LaGuardia, Newark or JFK and this can make those trying to catch an airplane late or in a rush to get from one airport to the next. Scheduling a longer wait between connecting flights can help, but sometimes this is unavailable, depending on the flight. Therefore, you will need to find another way, including a helicopter.

Ways to Get Around

There are five main ways to get a transfer, including taxis, limousines, public buses, driving your own vehicle and taking a helicopter.

The first four include driving in traffic, which can be bothersome and expensive. In most cases, it is impossible to use your own vehicle because you are flying in from somewhere else and going to a different airport. However, you could consider renting a vehicle, but may be stuck with leaving it in airport parking lots (which cost money) or having to return it to another rental kiosk, which takes more time.

The last, but the best option, may be to consider a helicopter in NYC, because there are helipads available for them to land and take off from at all airports and it can save you time.

Saving Time by Using a Helicopter

Traffic in any large city can be problematic for those in a hurry, but nowhere like in NYC. They seem to have their own brand of traffic, because of all the different vehicles being operated. You have taxis, limousines, buses and regular vehicles on the road, all going in all directions. Many accidents occur on these streets each day, which can cause you to be delayed.

While only a short distance from each other, getting to a new airport could take upwards of an hour or more. If you have a connecting flight in an hour or two, you will likely miss your next flight.

A helicopter, on the other hand, can get you there in as little as eight minutes, depending on where you need to be. Helicopter transfers usually work best for business, as they generally go Monday through Friday.