Lower your Stress with Commuter Options

by | Jul 8, 2014 | Travel

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Many people make the long drive to and from work everyday without realizing the amount of stress they are putting on them selves. Driving in traffic everyday is a long and stressful experience and also contributes to an unhealthy sedentary life. Finding other ways to make it to work will make it easier on your health and get you to and from work without the stress and anxiety.

Employee Travel Expenses
The cost of gas alone is enough to put stress on most commuters. With gas prices constantly fluctuating it is hard to keep control of your travel expenses. If you consider taking public transit you can save yourself quite a bit of money. Many people overlook the fact that their employer may be offering them employee travel expenses and miss the boat of a free ride or partially subsidized rides. Employers provide public transit options to staff as an incentive to travel in a more environmentally friendly manner, to benefit from tax write offs and even to help encourage staff to avoid being late. If your company doesn’t offer an employee travel expense program you should speak to them about the benefits and see if you can help organize them with some co-workers.

Car and Van Pools
Many people do not realize that their local transit authorities may offer car and van pool services. These are great options as you can be set up with people in your neighborhood in groups of 6 to 15 and have travel arranged to and from work everyday. This helps you avoid the expense of operating a car and you can share the expense of travel with a group of people who will travel in relaxed comfort instead of traveling by bus if this is not your style. You can also opt to find a group on your own and the transit company will provide the driver training and transportation. You also get to enjoy driving in a lane dedicated to transit users which whizzes you past traffic.

Half and Half
Another option to consider is to travel half and half. Drive yourself to the closest train station and take the train into work. This is a nice option as it gets you closer to work, saves money on gas and lessens the stress of getting caught in traffic.

Speak to your company about employee travel expenses or speak to Dart about how they can help. Visit or call 214-979-1111 for information.