Off The Beaten Path-Slightly Unusual Cruise Destinations

by | May 22, 2012 | Travel and Tourism

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So you’re ready to take the cruise of a lifetime and you’re trying to decide which popular Norwegian Cruises Schenectady to choose from?   There are hundreds of places to travel to and visit when you’re taking a trip on a cruise ship, but if you’d like to narrow it down a bit, here are the top ten most popular places that you can travel to on most any cruise ship, including the Norwegian Cruises departing Schenectady.

One of the most all time popular cruise destinations you might be surprised to know is Antarctica. Why is this popular place for people traveling on cruises like Norwegian Cruises departing Schenectady? When you take a cruise to Antarctica, you can see penguin colonies, constantly changing icebergs and soaring glacial cliffs.  Mid-December until late February are the times when cruises are offered by most lines such as those that are Norwegian Cruises departing Schenectady.

Alaskan cruises have become quite popular in the past decade or so.  When you choose one of the many Norwegian Cruises departing Schenectady for this beautiful destination you can enjoy quiet glaciers, snow-capped peaks, breathtaking fjords and stops at superbly photogenic ports of call. Most of the Norwegian Cruises departing Schenectady for this last frontier offer off-boat tours and activities.  The peak season for this type of travel is May through September, with travelers visiting in June having a bonus of longer daylight hours.

For other opportunities to view similar frozen beauty, then you might want to consider a cruise through the Fjords of Norway.  Travelers on Norwegian Cruises departing from Schenectady can experience breathtaking sailing inside the massively narrow steep-cliffed Norwegian fjords.  These natural wonders of the far North are both humbling and exciting all at the same time.  The recommended travel times for those taking Norwegian Cruises departing from Schenectady are June through August.

The Galapagos are another cruise line destination you might not be aware of.  Passengers traveling on Norwegian Cruises departing Schenectady or other popular cruise lines can easily explore pristine waters and remote islands teeming with unusual wildlife.  The local unique flora and fauna are much the same as when Charles Darwin observed them.  The best time to enjoy Norwegian Cruises departing Schenectady are mid-April until mid-May as this is when the weather is most favorable for calm seas and clear skies.

You can get lost in a Polynesian paradise when you choose a cruise to the South Pacific.  Cruises such as Norwegian Cruises departing Schenectady take you to the Fiji Islands and other similar destinations.  One thing to consider if you’re thinking of taking one of these types of   Norwegian Cruises departing Schenectady, it is a lot  of open ocean travel and can involve great distances between the different island locations depending on the particular cruise you book.

If you are looking for somewhere to take a cruise like those that can be booked on Norwegian Cruises departing Schenectady, then the above detailed destinations are definitely worth thinking about.  They offer scenery that most people never have a chance to view.