Two Great Facts about Kahiko Hula in Hawaii

by | Aug 9, 2017 | Tourism

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No trip to Hawaii can truly be called complete unless you take the time to visit a kahiko hula show put on by locals who have been trained in this art form their entire lives, as did their family before them. The hula dance is one heavily steeped in tradition, and one of the oldest traditions to remain part of the many islands of Hawaii, and it is thus held quite close to the heart of all its native families. This is a dance traditionally done to mele, a traditional Hawaiian music, or a special chanting done by those performing in the routine for the audience, and is truly a sight to behold once all the dancers arrive in their colorful and beautiful costumes.


One of the best events you can attend during which you are likely to see kahiko hula in Hawaii is a luau, otherwise known as a large event put on by many professionals trained in the art of fun and more. These men and women train throughout the year and often learn how to do basic hula motions before they can walk or even speak, making this truly a spectacle to behold for anyone seeing it for the first time. Even if you are on your fourth visit to the islands, you simply cannot afford not to contact us about what else you may see during one of the many amazing luaus held on the islands.

Men and Women

Although many consider hula to be performed by only women, the truth is that men and women both traditionally practice this dance and are equally talented and fascinating to watch. Kahiko hula is a particularly physical type of hula, often performed by a group of men and women that is done with music or chanting as part of the occasion. By the time you see its end, you will be looking to enjoy another performance as soon as possible.